Sandblasting is our no-nonsense process where surface contaminants are removed by brute-force! Millions of particles impact each part, gnawing away at rust, dirt and scale until only raw steel remains. The only thing tougher than this process, is the group of "grit in their veins" employees that work this job.

Science meets art in our pre-treatment plant where intelligence and savvy are just as important as chemical know-how. Metal is first cleaned and then it is chemically altered to give it a rust-resistant surface that makes the powder coating stick to the part like “you-know-what” to a wool blanket.

In the belly of our burner an intense flame rages, blowing a fiery wind through our oven. For parts traveling along the conveyor, things are about to get hot, very hot. But a bit of heat builds character and in this case what starts out as layer of loose powder granules, transforms into a beautiful finish that's as tough as nails.

Cutting through the air our trucks crisscross the city delivering goods to our customers. Each time we do this we re-confirm our promise: on time, on quality.


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